Tlemcen University named after the great proportion of men Belcaid Abu Bakr, who mocked the 45 years of his life to the liberation of the country and work on the economic and social development and upgrading of science and the arts and culture, as well as to establish and apply the democracy and modernity in Algeria.

Born on March 19, 1934 in Tlemcen, married and father of three children.



Career path:

After his release, in 1964, exceeded his love for the homeland and everything is decided, like many of his generation, and start embarking on building a modern Algerian state serves the people.

In the period, which lasted 30 years, stretching from 1964 to 1994, the bulk of his time ridiculed and capacity to serve the nation, which allowed him to occupy several positions.

1964: expensive tasks and Deputy Director in the Ministry of Social Affairs.

1965: Director of technical interest for vocational training.

1967: Director of the National Institute for Vocational Training.

1973: Director of the Presidency of the Republic.

1977: The Secretary General of the Ministry of Housing.

1984: Vice Minister of Construction.

1986: Minister of Labour and Vocational Training.

1987: Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

1988: The Minister of the Interior and the environment.

1991: The Minister in charge of relations with the People's National Assembly.

1992: Minister of Communication and Culture.


Political track:

  • a member of the movement of the victory of democratic freedoms (MTLD) / Algerian People's Party (PPA) since 1949.
  • joined the National Liberation Front (FLN) since its inception where abused several responsibilities, including:

 member of the Secretariat of the General Assembly of Algerian Workers (AGTA).

 coordinator of a group of lawyers assigned to defend prisoners and detainees.

 arrested and the families of the French Vrsens in prison, was released in April 1962, after the cease-fire.

 member of the Secretariat, under the supervision of Mohammed Boudiaf party of socialist revolution (PRS).

 founder member of the Socialist Forces Front (FFS).

 families at the end of the year 1963 and was released in 1964.

 killed in the September 28, 1995.